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Server life after the re-launch

Wavey Co-Owner posted Apr 23, 15



It is with great pleasure to see that many of you have returned to us. It is a little dissapointing though that not as many have come back but despite that we are looking forward to bringing back the once vibrant community that we once had.

Many of you may not be aware but as you rank up you now get extra perms in addition to the ones stated on the sign in the spawn. I will look to see if I can improve this in some way so that you know what ranks get what additional permissions. As with donation ranks they have also had a few permission improvements which will be updated as soon as possible (Don't forget that the ranks inherit the previous ranks perms).

As per usual for those that may have ideas about any features they would like to see or ANY other improvements please use the forums to express your opinions. Servers can only get better with constructive feedback and inputs from its users. It would also be greatly appreciated if people can help to keep the website up by answering any surveys through Trial-Pay. They do have a "Free" tab as well so you don't need have to splash the cash. Even if its just 1 day it would be greatly appreciated.

- Wavey

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